Conduction was started by Jay Fee in 2007. Jay started doing mastering for his peers at Sound Of One Hand studios in the early 2000's. The demand steadily increased organically as word spread. A studio within the facility was converted and equipment purchased to seriously pursue the craft. When Jay left Sound of One Hand in 2007 he started Conduction with the goal of providing high end mastering to independent musicians. Since then hundreds of projects have been mastered and a world class signal path made up many custom pieces of equipment have been assembled into a studio dedicated to mastering.

Jay Fee Bio

Jay started interning in recording studios in 1999. He was able to study the craft and assist on sessions with many world-class engineers and producers. He quickly ascended the ranks and was given his own projects to engineer and produce for local musicians covering just about every genre. From 2000-05 he completed an electrical engineering degree and continued recording on weekends and summers. In 2005, while finishing school, he assumed co-ownership of Sound of One Hand Recording Studios, the largest commercial recording facility in Ottawa. He was owner for two years, grew the mastering business, and eventually branched off to create Conduction. He now splits his time between Conduction and electronics design work for boutique guitar effects company Empress Effects.


Our primary goal is to serve the music. Mastering has the ability to enhance the emotion, the presentation and impact of music, and that's what we do. We do it through being well versed in many musical styles, drawing on the experience of mastering hundreds of projects, communicating closely with the producers and musicians, and always striving for both artistic and technical excellence.

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