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Here's what you'll need to send...

1. The Music

Most of the work goes into the music, so send it as soon as possible. We accept just about any type of digital file and half-inch tape. If you're sending digital files you can use this secure link:
Please send digital files in an un-compressed format (like .wav or .aif ) not MP3. Please also remove any limiters that you may have on the master fader that are there purely for loudness. If your engineer or producer is sending things on your behalf they'll likely already know this.

2. The Official song names, album title, and song order

This gets written as cd-text info on the cd so the song names will show up in cars. And don't forget the album title, it always gets forgotten.

3. ISRC Codes

These are free codes that you can get from here (if you are a resident of Canada). You'll fill out a simple form, then you'll get an email containing your unique ID. Send along this unique ID and we can create the rest of the code. These aren't mandatory, but they help in identifying the owner of the music and with getting paid for potential royalties, so we recommend them.

4. Any special instructions

These are usually things like details about time between tracks, secret songs, of if you have notes about how you want your record to sound.

The Process

1. After you've sent everything we'll get to work making things sound awesome.
2. After we've got it to a place we're happy with it, we'll send it to you to check out. We might make a disk or send digital files - you can request either.
3. You listen, let us know about any changes you might want.
4. We do any changes and get a final approval from you.
5. We compile a master for you that you can use for replication (or upload to iTunes). The master is usually a physical master cd, or it's a 'DDP'. A DDP is an image file of the cd to be duplicated, it has the advantage that it can usually be uploaded directly to the plant saving shipping time, shipping costs, and the environment.
6. We can usually upload the DDP once approved. 7. We will bill you, you can pay with interac email transfer, paypal, cash or New Zealand Dollars.

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